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When I found out I could see Randy Tinsmith in person, I couldn’t sleep all night.

I’d been reading Randy’s articles for a few years. I wouldn’t have thought that one day I’d be sitting across the table from him. I was so lucky to be able to talk to him!
I started reading Randy’s Journal in 2008. And yes, I have reading OCD so I went back to read all the posts from 2005 to 2007.
To let you all quickly get to know Randy’s Journal, here are eight fun facts about Randy’s Journal.

✈1.Randy’s Journal on Boeing website started in 2005, the year when Airbus A380 first left the factory. The blog was to have another channel of communication with the public and letting more people know, despite the A380, Boeing’s got nothing to be afraid of.

✈2.When the blog first started, it was filled with criticism, mainly because it didn’t allow readers to comment. (It is open for comments now.) Additionally, many people felt the blog posts were more like Boeing’s advertisements and are not objective. Randy never gave up and even consulted professional bloggers to help improve the blog and attract more readers.

✈3.The Randy in Randy’s Journal was written by Randy Baseler instead of the current blogger, Randy Tinseth. It was a coincidence that both are Randy. (Randy Baseler retired in May 2007 and Randy Tinseth took over.)


✈4.Randy’s Journal on average publishes 4 to 7 articles per month. Sometimes the posts are short and Randy Tinseth will post food pictures from around the world. It seems that Randy’s been writing more—July, for example, has ten posts.

✈5.The cover photo on Randy’s Journal has been changed. Randy Tinseth used to wear glasses but received surgery, so now it has a photo of him without glasses.


✈6.Randy Tinseth’s son is very good looking 😍

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✈7.Randy Tinseth started recording audio clips in August 2015 to share status updates of Boeing so everyone could hear him.


✈8.Randy Tinseth is currently the Vice President, Marketing for Boeing Commercial Airplanes. He comes to Asia quite often and can say 747 in Mandarin.


Source: and many years of me following the blog.